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we’ll create a better tomorrow at Maimonides Medical Center.


Join a powerful grassroots coalition of activists, community leaders and elected officials united to bring about change, and improve conditions at Maimonides Medical Center!

As a healthcare worker, you dedicate your time and energy to keep your community healthy and safe.

You are dedicated.

You are involved.

You are committed. 


But are you valued?

“[Nurses are] crushed to be made an example of”

I think the title covers the main gist of it; the department I am in suffers from chronic turnover and understaffing. There is no training that can be deemed useful and middle management is crushed with mindless tasks daily and then reprimanded to be made an example of.

Statement by Maimonides Medical Center employee, verified by

The cycle is vicious

Those who can change it—won’t.

And those who try their best—get blamed.


Maimonides deserves more. 

And YOU deserve better.

You deserve to work in an environment that fuels you with joy, where you are valued, and in a place where you can do what you love most: giving care to others.

We see you. We hear you!

And your voices should not be swept away. 

“I have PTSD from working at MMC”

Horrible. Almost everyone I worked with left. I ended up in the ER during my shift with anxiety, high BP, high HR, and abnormal EKG. Even only thinking about work, working short-staffed, and constantly floating to other units to take 8 pts and a charge, because there was no regular staff, was giving me palpitations. I was forced to resign a month after my ER visit to have a better life. In MMC, there is no support from the management. It feels like it was a bad dream. 

Would you like to share your own Maimonides Medical Center experience? 

All stories are kept strictly anonymous.

United, together.

“The care suffers [because of high turnover]” 

“There is a constant turnover of nurses attempting to seek something better. So many of the units have new grad nurses. Let's just say the quality of care suffers. Maimonides should give us incentives to stay. Retention is a big problem.”

“Poor management coming from the top”

“This company has lots of room for improvement, from lack of advancement for most of the employees. HR is not willing to deal with bullying. Poor management coming from the top.”

“Management literally doesn’t care for you or the patients”

“It used to be a great place to work but management literally doesn’t care about you or the patients. It’s all about the business. Be prepared to be short-staffed no matter what unit you work on."

Everyone is tired of their job

“Some units are designed to be short-staffed all the time. Every year it gets worse. Everyone is tired of their job and the bare minimum is done to make working here better. Managers bully and torment employees at and outside of work. There is a high turnover.”

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