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Maimonides Medical Center is rife with serious problems that are hurting its staff and the communities it serves. Upper-level executives receive exorbitant bonuses. Financial mismanagement and budget cuts adversely impact essential operations and cause patient care to suffer. The dedicated staff is forced to contend with long shifts and a lack of support from management. Healthcare workers experience burnout due to staff shortages and poor working conditions.


The dysfunction and mismanagement at Maimonides have gone on for far too long. It is time to demand accountability from the executives at Maimonides Medical Center who have failed their healthcare staff, patients, and communities. We deserve better. YOU deserve better.


Sign this petition and join the grassroots effort to save Maimonides Medical Center. Make your voice heard by demanding an end to the hospital leadership’s fiscal malpractice and insisting that working conditions and staffing levels are drastically improved so the hospital can properly care for every patient.


Your voice is a critical part of this crucial effort. Join us to help save Maimonides.

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